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At MTS, we are more than just a trading platform – we’re your trusted partner on the journey to financial success. Our mission is to empower traders like you by providing access to expert insights and a supportive trading community. With a commitment to transparency and integrity, we stand as a beacon of trust in the trading world.

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How MTS Trading Setup Works


Any Top Brokers

Open trading account with any of the top brokers. No restriction on choosing brokers.


Risk Management

  • We diversify risk with multiple strategies
  • precise trade execution placed at the best possible price
  • Remove the chances of trading mistakes due to psychological and emotional factors
  • Market conditions are constantly monitored.


Good Risk-Reward-Ratio

MTS will get you good win size with good win rate

  • High trading efficiency and hence higher profit
  • Better Money Management
  • MTS trading strategies make trading more systematic by evading chances of human errors.

Why MTS Trading


Unrestricted Broker Choice

You can choose your own broker. We support all top brokers in the market. 


Transparency and Integrity

We prioritize transparency in all our interactions. When you choose MTS setup, you get good win-rate with better win-size. With MTS setup, it removes the chance of trading mistakes due to psychological and emotional factors.


Dedicated Support

Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer 24/7 support to address your questions, assist with your trading needs, and provide insights to help you make informed decisions.

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Our subscriber's happiness

Customer support is excellent and onboarding was smooth – novice can easily understand. Although I had a problem with the performance, thanks to the customer support.

Joginder Singh

Delhi, India

This is saving my screen time and I am able to utilise my free time to do my important work while MTS setup helps with side passive income. Very easily setup is done and once 

Arpit Jain

Gujarat, India

I have been monitoring their trades since sometime and finally made my mind to deposit. So far so good, I just have to check my phone, see trades and profit and not worry about my account while I continue to take care of my busy work schedule.

Rahul Nagpal


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Common Questions From Our Customers

  • MTS Trading Setup is a platform that provides access to premium mechanised trading. We offer auto trade execution on your account, and a supportive community to help traders make informed decisions.
  • To join our premium setup, Just subscribe to premium plan, fill the asked details, you’ll get connected to our setup in 1 – 4 business hours. If you have filled the form properly and follow the steps, and you’ll gain instant access to our premium MTS trading setup.

We offer premium MTS setup for various assets.

Our MTS trading setup executes trade carefully selected by our system. Our system continuously monitor selected trades with precision before the trade is executed and order is placed. We have dedicated community support to solve your problems if you face anytime

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